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Start Your Own 6-Figure Web Design Business In 28 Days or Less... Without Any Coding Experience!

All you need is a computer and internet to escape your 9-5 and fire your boss!


I Started My Own 6-Figure ‘No Coding’ Web Design Business Servicing 100+ Clients In Less Than A Year

Hi, I’m Rikki

I was where you are. I was exhausted, frustrated, struggling to balance work and life commitments and generally not very inspired. I needed a change and wanted to learn a new skill.

In ten years, I built a really successful career in marketing, going from an intern to Chief Marketing Officer at top digital companies across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Over the next decade, my job took me all over the world, even relocating to Sydney and Dubai for six incredible years!

I had it all. But in reality…someone else had it all. All of the hard work, long nights and weekends, using my skills and experience to increase profits and smash targets was putting money in other people’s pockets. Yes, I’d achieved my goal, but the high was quickly replaced with a sense of “ok, now what?”

I wasn’t happy. I’d built a career that was sucking the life out of me. So, I did something very unlike me. I quit. A six-figure salary job. At the height of my career! And if I’m honest, I woke up the next day, not euphoric, but instead, absolutely sh*tting myself. What had I done?!

Little did I know the decision I’d just made would change my life. I knew I needed to do something that would help me gain back my time and energy, pay the bills and ultimately give me the freedom to enjoy the important things in life, like my marriage, friends & family and love of travel.

Rather than jump into another job, and despite some tempting offers, I decided to become my own boss. Through a combination of research, trial and error and MONTHS of trawling the internet, I taught myself the fundamentals of web design. I took that new skill and applied the processes I’d painstakingly developed to produce client-wowing websites time and again!

In the first year as boss of my own business I completed over 100 projects for paying clients and I’m on track to absolutely smash that figure in year 2, creating a multiple 6-figure business!

I’ve amassed a huge number of five-star reviews from happy customers and created a profitable business built on their referrals. All this by following the quick and easy steps I’ve included in my online course.

I’ve helped everyone from small, local business owners to established global corporations…and even the odd celebrity(!) to build amazing websites.

Now, with my online course, free bonus videos and material, I’m teaching you the secrets of my success…and how to replicate it yourself to achieve the same results, even faster than I did!

Why do the hard graft when I’ve done it for you?! By offering a simple, honest and quality service, I’ve created a business that has changed my life for the better on so many levels and my goal is to help you achieve the same…with none of my original effort required!

What took me 20 years to achieve working 9-5 for someone else, I’ve achieved in just 1 as my own boss!

I’ve built a thriving, 6-figure web design business in under a year, with only the willingness to learn, a passion to succeed and an approach that I’m now teaching to others…at a price I’d have bitten your hand off for a year ago!

The Only Course You Need To Start Building Websites
For Clients

Online video course: Become a ‘no coding’ web designer with WordPress & Elementor detailing the exact steps and solutions I use to design, build and launch my clients’ websites. Everything you need to know, broken down into quick and easy to follow-along videos.
(£490 value) 


All you need is a computer and internet

My Simplified Learning Experience Is Specifically Optimised To Take You From A Complete Beginner To A 'No Coding' Website Designer

Take a sneak peek at my step-by-step modules

  • Welcome, project set up and introducing your course resources folder
  • The three elements every website needs
  • Domain name
  • Web hosting
  • Website
  • Different types of websites
  • Informational (brochure/portfolio) websites
  • eCommerce websites
  • What to consider when dealing with clients
  • What to ask for from a client brief
  • Setting expectations with a clear scope of work
  • Pricing vs. client budget
  • How best to serve your client
  • Harnessing the power of WordPress
  • Purchasing your domain name and WordPress hosting package
  • Exploring the WordPress dashboard and some housekeeping
  • Pages and Menus
  • Installing WordPress themes
  • WordPress plugins
  • Visual identity and global settings
  • Header section
  • Footer section (copyright and policies)
  • Changing the tablet and mobile navigation menu design
  • WordPress page builder – Elementor
  • Creating a Hero section
  • Creating a General Description section
  • Creating a Services section
  • Creating an About section
  • Creating a Testimonial section
  • Creation a Call to Action (CTA) using a contact form
  • Optimising for different screen sizes (responsive design)
  • Saving and using Elementor templates
  • About page content and sections
  • Services page content and sectionst
  • Contact page content and sections
  • Footer content and sections
  • Policies and GDPR Cookies banner
  • Creating blog categories
  • Creating a blog post
  • Displaying the blog on your website
  • Customising your blog
  • Screen responsiveness check
  • Buttons and links
  • Adding flair and movement
  • Site review and a HUGE pat on the back!
  •  Adding eCommerce functionality to any website
  • Installing WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce tour
  • Adding store details
  • Adding product categories
  • Adding a simple product
  • Adding a variable product
  • Adding a virtual product
  • Adding a downloadable product
  • Adding the Cart icon and our Shop page to the navigation menu
  • A massive Congratulations and a huge THANK YOU!
  • Starter templates
  • Adding flair and movement
  • Changing the tablet and mobile navigation menu design
  • Always be learning
  • Grow your contacts
  • Finances and legalities
  • Google my Business (setting up and maximising your account)

£490 total course value – yours today for A QUARTER OF THE PRICE – just £97!

Following my blueprint to success, we’ll get straight to the good stuff, building your own website by learning the skills you can apply to any web design and build project for clients.

Plus You'll Get My Free Set Up, Service & Support Bonuses!

Free Bonus Videos

Create Next-Level results

My fast-track videos will show you how to take your new skills and combine them with some pro time-saving tips, to get the same amazing results in HALF the time! I’ve also included top tips on adding flair and movement to your websites and how to grow your business effectively.

£95 value

Free Bonus

Access to my private facebook group

Ongoing access to my closed Facebook group, **WEBSTARS** by Rikki Webster, full of students, graduates and experts helping each other answer questions and solve problems. Think of it as 24/7 support for your business.

£50 value
Free Bonus

Access to my
' How to... video library '

Ongoing ‘How to’ video library access. An ever-growing archive of problem-solving videos, created by me to help solve the most frequently asked questions from students. New videos added weekly.

£50 value
Free Bonus

Quotation & Invoice Template

Cashflow is key to any business, especially one just starting out. My clear and simple “Quotation and Invoice Templates” will help you send quotes and gather invoice payments quickly for your projects.

£35 value

Free Bonus

Top tips for delighting clients

Developing relationships with clients built on great communication and solid results is vital to long-term business success. A happy client will tell some people, but an unhappy client will tell everyone! Check out my “Top Tips for Delighting Clients” and follow my easy steps to building your client base and securing positive reviews and referrals.

£25 value

Free Bonus

Website build and launch checklist

My “Website Build & Launch Checklists” detail everything you’ll need to consider throughout the build process and when launching new projects. Easy to follow and methodical, they will help you on track to delivering client-wowing results and customer service every single time.

£25 value

Free Bonus

Client launch email template

Client communication doesn’t get more joyous than the all-important ‘Congratulations, your website is now live!’ email. But what information should you include to make sure your client has everything they need post-launch? My “Client Launch Email Template” details everything you’ll need to share with your client to ensure the project closes perfectly, including how to ask for reviews and referrals.

£15 value

Launch or Upgrade Your Career Today and Get Instant Access

Following my blueprint to success, we’ll get straight to the good stuff, building your own website by learning the skills you can apply to any web design and build project for clients.

Learn to Quickly Create and Sell Quality Websites

Easy to build

no coding required

Easy to replicate 

saving you time and money

Easy to sell

results your clients will love

Here’s What My Course Graduates Have Been Saying About Me

Learn how I’m helping others change their lives

”I took Rikki’s course after having my first child. I wanted to work, but needed something flexible that would allow me to fit my job around my life, not the other way around. The course was so easy to follow and I’d built my first website by the end of it, just like he promised. I’ve started my own design agency and can’t thank Rikki enough for giving me my first step. His resources on creating happy clients were great too.”
nicola course
Nicola, 46, Buckinghamshire
Course Graduate
”Rikki, I got my first client today! Woohoo! I was up against two others and got the project! Your new business proposal and tips on talking to clients totally sealed the deal, and with the skills your course taught me, I know I’m going to smash the delivery. THANK YOU!”
Bethany, 29, London
Course Graduate
”I run a start up and needed a website. The quotes I was getting were ridiculous and way out of my budget. I came across Rikki’s course and decided to teach myself how to do it instead. I’M SO GLAD I DID! I couldn’t believe how easy it was following his step-by-step videos and system. I saved so much time and money doing it myself. Thank you Rikki!”
Mark, 39, Cardiff
Course Graduate

Launch or Upgrade Your Career Today and Get Instant Access

Following my blueprint to success, we’ll get straight to the good stuff, building your own website by learning the skills you can apply to any web design and build project for clients.

No Coding, No Experience, No Technical Skills, No Problem!

No Coding
No Experience
No Tech Skills
No Problem!

Why such a big discount?

While I’ve invested a lot of time and money in creating my course, it’s a 100% digital product, meaning there are no ongoing overheads. Nothing to print or ship, so I’ve passed these savings onto you, to make sure it’s truly affordable.

Take a major step toward becoming a web designer and owner of your own business. You’ll get the entire course, plus a tonne of FREE Bonus material, instantly.

As easy as learning how to ride a bike

When I started my own web design journey, Google offered up a load of intense (and very expensive) web design courses. But if I’m honest, I didn’t have the time or money to dedicate to them, nor was I interested in the theory behind the job. I wanted to get going!

I’m a “give it a go” kinda guy, so I decided to start with my own website and see how I got on. And you know what, I got on pretty well!

After some digging, I discovered that nowadays you don’t need to learn coding to build a successful web design business. I could deliver clients amazing, clear and concise, feature-rich websites with loads of functionality, without the need to code!

You don’t need to be a subject matter expert either. Whether you’re building a website for a hairdresser, or a nuclear physicist, it doesn’t matter. I also developed a quick and easy system that required no experience or technical ability to get started!

By teaching myself, I’d started to create my own system and processes, zeroing in on the essentials I’d need to build amazing websites and turn my new skills into a thriving business. A clean and simple approach that produced kick-ass websites for my clients, every single time, without any of the faff.

Little did I realise that the more projects I did and the more I tweaked my approach, I was actually developing the foundation for what has become my online course.

The Means To Become Your Own Boss and Start Growing Your New Business

No gimmicks. No outlandish claims or promises.

The great news is, I’ve done all the hard work, so you don’t have to. My easy-to-digest online course, free support resources and boosters will give you the skills and know-how to create your own website, and start your own web design business.

In no way am I claiming to be an Instagram guru, spouting inspirational quotes from an exotic location about getting rich quick, with zero effort. That’s nonsense.

Nor am I pretending to be a Tony Robbins-type business tycoon!

What I am is a regular guy, who decided to do what makes me happy! I gained weight during lockdown, and I don’t really have the face or voice for video, but that hasn’t stopped me from creating this online course to help others combat job insecurity in this crazy up and down economy.

Don't just learn the skill, learn the business

Turn a £97 Investment Into a 6 Figure Business

My affordable payment plan and 30-day guarantee also mean there’s absolutely no risk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answering all of your questions about my no coding web design course

You’ll learn how to create stunning, feature-rich websites by following my proven system, using two of the world’s most popular web builder tools, WordPress and Elementor.

As well as teaching you how to create client-wowing websites, I’ll also let you in on my secrets to servicing clients like a pro, ensuring you deliver 5-star-review-worthy results, every single time.

Thanks, that answered my question. I want to become a ‘No coding’ web designer!

Over five hours of easy-to-follow, short videos that will take you step-by-step through the entire process, from purchasing your domain and hosting, right the way through to building your website.

I’ve also included a load of free resources that will give you even more information about starting a career in web design.

Thanks, that answered my question. I want to become a ‘No coding’ web designer!

To ensure my course, “How to Become a No Coding Web Designer”, is as beneficial to you as possible, it is currently being assessed for certification by the International Council for Online Educational Standards.

ICEOS is an accrediting body that establishes, monitors and continually develops the educational standards of online teaching institutions. 

As an ICEOS-accredited course, you will receive an ICEOS certification upon completion, once accreditation is complete.

Thanks, that answered my question. I want to become a ‘No coding’ web designer!

Over the years, I’ve built hundreds of websites for clients all over the world, from talented individuals and local businesses, to big brand names and even the odd celebrity.

Only in the last 18 months have I formulated my proven process and successes into an easy-to-digest online course to help others learn this highly-sought after skill.

Since launching my course, I’ve helped dozens of students start their own businesses and that number is growing rapidly every day.

Thanks, that answered my question. I want to become a ‘No coding’ web designer!

Absolutely! In fact, my course has been designed specifically for those with no experience, no coding skills, or technical ability.

This beginner-level course cuts straight to the chase, including only the information you need, and removing all of what you don’t!

Following my course will show you the exact process I use to create amazing websites for my many happy clients.

Thanks, that answered my question. I want to become a ‘No coding’ web designer!

Yes. My course will teach you new skills you can apply to any website build. How far you take them is completely up to you and your dedication, but as someone who’s built a multiple 6-figure business based on these skills, I can assure you, the sky’s the limit.

Thanks, that answered my question. I want to become a ‘No coding’ web designer!

I’m always happy to answer any questions you may have via email at

I also set up my closed Facebook group, **WEBSTARS** by Rikki Webster to give you FREE access to experts, graduates and course students just like you. Think of the group as 24/7 support for you and your business. Remember, there’s no such thing as a stupid question. The only stupid question is the one you didn’t ask. 

If you need a little more help, my **WEBSTARS** by Rikki Webster YouTube channel is also packed full of basic tips and tricks to make getting started even easier.

Thanks, that answered my question. I want to become a ‘No coding’ web designer!

I do! I know that sometimes finding the money to make things happen can be difficult, but that shouldn’t stop you going after your dream career. I offer an affordable payment plan to help split the cost and get you on the road to success.

Thanks, that answered my question. I want to become a ‘No coding’ web designer!

I offer a simple, risk-free 30-day guarantee, so if you decide not to take the course, I’ll refund you in full. No questions asked.

Thanks, that answered my question. I want to become a ‘No coding’ web designer!

Absolutely. My course is the perfect gift for anyone keen to learn web design. Whether for a teenager who’s just left school, an entrepreneur looking to build their own website, or someone of any age looking learn a new skill, web design is a great skill to learn.

Simply sign up to the course and send them the login details. My course delivery platform is IP-specific, so the link can only be used by one person per purchase.

Thanks, that answered my question. I want to become a ‘No coding’ web designer!

For sure! The beauty of web design is that the software and processes are the same the world over. I have students located around the globe.

You can learn how to build amazing websites with my course, and apply your new skills for clients located anywhere.

Thanks, that answered my question. I want to become a ‘No coding’ web designer!

I’m in the process of creating a number of add-on courses around the subjects of web design, branding and content, so watch this space.

Thanks, that answered my question. I want to become a ‘No coding’ web designer!

Start Building the Career You Want

Not only have I created a web design business that pays the bills, I genuinely love what I do. I have more free time and I work from home.

As my own boss, I have the ultimate financial freedom. I drive the car I’ve always wanted, I have the means to travel and enjoy life’s adventures (Covid permitting!) and I have cash in the bank.

I’m not telling you this to be all “well aren’t I great?!” I’m just being honest about what can be achieved with the right tools, guidance and a positive attitude.

I truly believe anyone can become a web designer. No smoke and mirrors, no technical knowledge needed, just passion and the willingness to learn.

Let me show you how!

Turn a £97 Investment Into a 6 Figure Business


My affordable payment plan and 30-day guarantee also mean there’s absolutely no risk.